When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, we trust blindly that the cosmetic industry has done its homework to produce safe products to put on our skin – the bodies largest organ. Unfortunately this is not the case. We are generally exposed to over 100,000 chemicals of which 5% have been properly tested for their impact on long-term human health. Toxins that can be found in our bodies are manufactured by larger corporations who are looking to make a big buck. So the question is why are these chemicals being used in our beauty products? Two reasons, one because they can and two because it’s cheaper.

Did you know?? 66% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream.

The average person uses an excessive amount of cosmetic products each day – shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, makeup, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, and hair styling products. Since over 90% of all ingredients in commercially available cosmetic products are of synthetic origin, each with their own associated health risks (such as allergies, dermatitis, carcinogens, etc), it’s extremely important for us all to read our labels and make healthier consumer choices.

Natural and organic cosmetics are rich in nutrients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, white tea extract, green tea, grape extract, apricot extract, and pomegranate extract. Like nutrients in food, your body will absorb these nutrients through the skin.

Harmful chemicals that are used in common products can affect our health and our environment. I’m happy to help others take a look at the products they are using and see if we can find healthier and affordable alternatives. To learn more about what is in your products, visit SkinDeep.



120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetic industry.  Now think for a moment about each of the bottles, jars and tubs of the cosmetics that you regularly consume. Are they compostable or recyclable? Or maybe they’ll end up in a landfill like the 120 billion units of packaging.

Many natural and organic cosmetics companies have mindfully created packaging that is recyclable, sustainable, and ethically sourced. By hiring a an organic makeup artist, you can feel confident that they’ve done the environmentally responsible research for you and are helping to make a positive impact whenever possible.



Labs that use mice, rats, birds, reptiles and amphibians are exempted from the minimal protections under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) meaning these companies are ALLOWED to abuse animals. This is not okay. PETA is one of the biggest activists against animal testing. You can read more about the harmful effects here.

Although there are many cosmetic companies that have changed the way their products are made so that they may be cruelty free, there are still many brands out there that are not.  Many cosmetics companies more, have reputations for being the most progressive, philanthropic brands in beauty, but these companies are still some of the biggest contributors to animal testing in the world.

By switching to natural makeup and an organic makeup artist, you can feel at ease about the products they’re using in their kit. It may not seem like a big deal changing your makeup to switch to all-natural, but those products make an impact on an animal’s life and on our planet. Beauty and skincare companies should not thrive at the cost of your good conscience. Please help me spread the awareness of animal testing, and we one day will be able to stop this from happening.