Alyssa Johnston started Lou La Belle Skin Care after searching for natural products that were beautiful, made her feel beautiful, and worked. She couldn’t find any that she liked, so she decided she would make her own. She started researching, testing, and working with Health Canada and was able to launch Lou La Belle two years later.

The inspiration for Lou La Belle has changed a little bit. At first, Alyssa just wanted to make it for herself and make people change their mind about natural beauty, make it stylish and accessible. Now, the inspiration comes from her customers. She gets messages about women feeling confident to go without makeup and liking the natural products so much that they decide to change out their beauty products for more natural options which makes her heart soar! Alyssa doesn’t want to tell anyone that they need to fix something before they can be beautiful, she just wants them to feel more confident in themselves and use products that are good for their body.

Lou La Belle Skin Care is a luxury line of natural skin care products. Their philosophy is about feeling good about what you put on your skin and making your beauty routine something to look forward to. Taking care of your skin is something you need to do daily, it should not feel like a chore, it should feel luxurious. The products are handmade in small batches by the founder herself to ensure the greatest quality. This brand was launched by Alyssa Johnston in 2014 on Prince Edward Island and has grown to incorporate hair and body care items as well. Lou La Belle products are free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates and are never ever tested on animals. Alyssa believes that everyone should #livelikeabelle and be happy and confident in their own skin.
Feel free to check out her page about her amazing feel good skin care products and read more inspiring stories from her clients.