How long does the trial appointment take and what does it entail?

The bridal makeup trial appointment takes 60-90 minutes and consists of a full consultation including false lashes if desired. At the trial, we will discuss your ideal wedding makeup look, browse some inspiration photos, and then we will test a couple of your favourite makeup looks on you.  We will also go over the wedding day makeup schedule and location details, review any allergies or concerns you may have. *Please have a clean, makeup-free face for your trial appointment; moisturizer is okay as long as there is no SPF. Feel free to wear white or ivory to get an idea of what the makeup will look like with your dress!


Where and when should the trial be scheduled for?

The trial may take place at your location, or at a makeup studio in Charlottetown. I recommend booking the trial appointment either before your engagement photo shoot (so you’ll have your makeup done for the photos!), or up to a week prior to your wedding day. Having a trial closer to the wedding date  means most of  your wedding details will be finalized and you will have a clearer idea of how you would like to look. *If you’re planning on tanning, you’ll want to leave the trial appointment closer to the wedding as the desired makeup look and products used may change with the skin tone.


Is a bridal trial appointment required? What if I choose not to have it?

Connecting with my bridal clients is very important to me. Bridal trials are not required but highly recommended. The trial is built in to the cost of the makeup packages because they are extremely useful for us both to know exactly what to expect on your wedding day such the final details, itinerary, set up and more. Trial appointments allow me to understand your skin type, the makeup look that you want, and will ultimately reduce stress and save time leading up to your ceremony. *If you decide to not have a trial this cost is not deducted from your package. 


Why should I pay for a bridal trial?

Bridal trails are to establish your skin type, face shape, your desired look, figuring out which products to be used and wedding details. A trial takes me approximately 2 hours to complete and is initially more work than the actual makeup application. The organization and preparation that goes into your makeup trial is to create the “perfect look” that is much more than meets the eye.


I am booking a year in advance and would like to have a trial, how do I go about this?

Yay, you are so organized ! I’m happy to take bookings a year in advance and have a trial but please note a second trial will be required closer to the date as  your vision for the wedding may have changed from the initial trial. *A $60 charge will apply for this additional trial. 


I am looking for a trial before confirming with a deposit?

Absolutely ! A trial is very important to establish a relationship and ensure we are the right fit for each other.
A phone call or an in person consultation will be an opportunity to get to know one another, from there we will schedule a bridal trial.


Can I use my trial appointment as my makeup for my engagement photos?

Yes! This is an excellent idea because you’ll be able to see how the makeup looks in photographs.


Are trials available for the bridal party, too?

Yes, trials are available for the bridal party upon request, and are the same cost as the day-of service.




I have a large bridal party and all of us want to have our makeup done. How many people can you accommodate? How will you get everyone ready on time?

Hooray! Everyone getting ready together makes the day so much more fun, and I’m happy to accommodate all who are interested in makeup.

I will schedule about 45-minutes per person working backwards from the ‘ready time’ (when you all need to be ready for the photographer or to leave for the ceremony), and then add another bit of time for any possible delays. This will determine our start time. If this start time is not possible (early morning church mass, etc.), we can try to schedule in 30-minute slots (except the bride who gets 60-minutes) or a second makeup artist or assistant can be hired in to help cut the prep time in half.


What happens if I suddenly have an extra person who wants to be included in the makeup schedule?

This happens regularly because getting pampered is a lot of fun and is contagious in a group of  women who are excited to celebrate the day! I will always try to accommodate this unless it interferes with the bride’s schedule or with the event. The women that booked ahead of time will have priority and I will not rush a client to fit in additional people. If you think there is a chance someone might hop in at last-minute, let me know at your trial appointment and we will budget time for them in our plan just in case!

*If someone suddenly cancels, this service will still be charged to the bridal party. Another person may take the place of the one who cancelled as this service will have been scheduled and paid for.


Is there a minimum amount of makeup services required in order to book?

No, there is no minimum booking required. I’m happy to cater to every style of bridal party, including parties of only the bride, although this will mean I will have likely booked more than one wedding in the same day and scheduling may need to be adjusted to accommodate both bookings.


How long does it take for each person?

Each makeup application takes approximately 30-40 minutes. I budget for 60-minutes for the bride and 35-minutes per everyone else to ensure you do not feel rushed and we can accommodate any possible delays in the schedule.


Do you have experience with Ethnic/Mature/Acne skin types?

Yes, I’ve worked with all ethnicities, skin conditions, and all ages. I’m experienced in custom-blending makeup to match any skin tone, and can conceal problem skin, scars, and work with delicate or sensitive and mature skin. Let me know at your trial appointment if you have an area of concern so we can discuss some solutions.


How long will my makeup last? What happens if I cry/sweat?

I use professional techniques to apply and set your makeup to keep you looking beautiful throughout your wedding day. You may need to touch up your lipstick (due to eating/drinking/smooching!) and possibly use a blotting paper or powder to remove any shine. The makeup products that I use for weddings are water-resistant or waterproof, so you can hug, dance, and cry tears of joy without worrying about your makeup!


Will you travel to my location or do we all come to you?

Yes, I’m happy to travel to you for the wedding day! Cost of travel will vary depending on location, so feel free to inquire for a quote or see travel information in the pricing section. I can also travel for the bridal trials, if this is more convenient for you.


How should I prepare for on-site services on my wedding day?

My kit and makeup chair are completely mobile, and the only things I recommend to ensure that your makeup services flow smoothly are:

  • Ample lighting, natural/window light is the absolute best.
  • A table or working surface where I can set up my station and products should be cleared before I arrive on location. *If you have pets that may be interested in smelling (or tasting) the makeup products I’ll be happy to snuggle them before and after your services, but please set me up in a space where it will be a little harder for the furbabies to access.
  • Wear a button-up shirt or robe.
  • Clean skin, makeup-free skin. Moisturizer is fine, but no SPF.


I will be needing services early in the morning, are you able to accommodate this?

Yes, I understand that many weddings may be require an early start.


Do you stay to do touch-ups, or can you change my makeup look before the reception?

My Graciously Gorgeous makeup package includes a touch-up for the bride only after the ceremony. Arrangements may be made at your trail appointment to add on touch-ups for the rest of the bridal party or a change in makeup for the bride at an additional fee by the hour.


How will I touch up my lips or face? Can I purchase these touch-up products from you?

I suggest to all of my clients to have a blotting paper or powder to minimize shine throughout the day, as well as a lipstick or gloss to touch-up after eating, drinking, and smooching! I have my own line of products available for purchase, if you desire. I will not pressure you into purchasing anything, I like to have them available for your convenience.


What brands of makeup products do you use?

I am thrilled to supply a kit filled with high quality, organic, toxin-free and cruelty-free cosmetics! The base of my kit includes products by Viva Organics and Wild Hill Botanicals, Elate, Sappho as well as an array of other clean brands that look beautiful and are safe for your skin and the environment. These products have all been tested and I’m confident in the quality and lasting performance of each of them.


Are your products Vegan & Cruelty-Free?

YES. I’m so proud to be a supporter of PETA Vegan and Cruelty-Free brands and products. I’m strongly against animal testing and using animal-derived ingredients.


Are all of your products Non-Toxic?

Yes, I’ve selected high quality organic, biodegradable, and natural products for my professional makeup kit. * All products will be cruelty-free but some products used for weddings may not be toxin free to ensure they will last throughout the day. These products will be discussed before applied.


I’m prone to breakouts and allergies – are your products hypoallergenic? Can you use my makeup products for my services?

I have not ever had any feedback about allergic reactions to the products I use, however the client is responsible for letting me know of any allergies that they are aware of so I can adapt my application. I will not be held responsible for any allergic reactions. Yes, I am open to using your own trusted makeup products on you in case you have any concerns excluding false lashes and lash glue.


Do you use airbrush makeup?

At this point I don’t offer airbrush makeup as I find traditional makeup application with products customized to your skin type will last longer through the wedding day.


Can you cover tattoos?

Yes! I’m happy to cover tattoos, body acne, scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin on the body. This may require a consultation or added time during the trial appointment, so please make me aware of this upon booking services.


Do you also do wedding hair?

No, but I’m happy to refer you to a list of very talented local hair stylists upon request.


Is gratuity included in your rates?

I don’t charge gratuity, but it is greatly appreciated! It is up to you if you choose to tip, and that can be done during your trial or final wedding payment.


How can I secure you for my wedding date?

A completed client information form, signed agreement, and non-refundable retainer are required in order to reserve your date. The retainer may be paid with cash, cheque, or email money transfer, and will be deducted from your final balance for all services. To get a quote for makeup services or to book, complete this form.


My wedding plans have changed and I have to cancel my booking/contract. Will I still be charged for services?

The retainer is not refundable at any time, and I require a written notice of cancellation one month prior to event date. Within one month of the event, cancellation will result in a charge of the full total as outlined in your services contract.


Will I be your only event on the day of my wedding?

Since I don’t require a minimum number of services with each booking, I may accept two contracts within the same day depending on the size of group, timing and location. I do not overbook, and I always make sure I have enough time to complete every service that is booked with relaxed ease. Once your schedule in confirmed, we have to stick to that schedule as I will be fitting someone else in based on that schedule.


Is your pricing negotiable? Are there any group discounts?

I don’t negotiate my rates or give discounts, however I offer the best possible pricing and services for my level of skill and expertise, and the high quality products that I use.
I will accommodate multi-day events, so please contact me with the full details of your event and I will give you a quote for services.


How is payment accepted?

Only one payment is made for the entire wedding party, and is paid  prior to service commence on the wedding day. You may pay with cash, cheque, or email money transfer. Any add-on services can be paid at the end of the services -with cash.


Haven’t answered all your questions?

I’d love to hear from you! Email me at, call me at 902-213-8871, or fill out this form.